The Path of Abundance

Money Magick: The Path of Abundance.

The Power of Magick Spells and Wealth Attraction.

Hey you! Looking for financial freedom? Say hi to @theholisticyoni's top 5 Money Magick spells. 

In today's blog, we're sharing with you tips to manifest all those dreams and break money curses. Let's dive in ancient spells and rituals... 

1. Bay Leaves Spell

To begin, the most simple but so efficient Bay Leaf Spell! This humble spell only requires a quiet grounded space and some bay leaves. Take your bay leaf and write your intentions. It can be a specific amount of money or financial intention. You can also write symbols like '$', runes or sigils. Afterwards, burn the leaf and release your wishes to the universe. 

2. Money Bowls 

Now, lets' talk Money Bowls - such wonderful manifestation center pieces. Can be used as decoration for the house or as a piece for your altar. What to do is simple, grab a bowl you like, cleanse it with smoke and fill it with items that represent wealth. These items can be personal or not, crystals, coins, bills and more. You can add a green candle in the middle and burn it whenever you want to attract prosperity quickly. Keep adding items as days pass by and keep bringing wealth your way.

3. Cinnamon Spells

A key element for Money Magick spells is Cinnamon. This ingredient will help you on your financial journey. The easiest way to involve this ingredient in your rituals is on the first of the month. Every first of the month, take a pinch of salt and blow it towards the inside of your household, in the main entry. Or, you can put some cinnamon in your wallet or purse while doing some visualizations or affirmations.

4. Moon Magick

The moon, symbol of magic and mystery. With the power of lunar cycles, you can charge your abundance manifestations. On a full moon; reflect and meditate on your goals and intentions. Make a list of your financial goals and desires, read it out loud to engrave it in your mind. Visualize your goals materializing and charge your abundance crystals to carry with you.

5. Money Mantra

Lastly, the ancient Magick of chants and music. Money Mantras, positive affirmations related to abundance and prosperity used to reprogram your subconscious. These frequencies help align with the energy of wealth. Chant mantra's daily or use music to bring opportunities and growth. 

Here are some of our favourite spiritual songs ATM.


Thanks for reading and remember that wealth begins with happiness and health. These spells are only tools to align your energy with prosperity and abundance. May Money Magick light yout path to success.

Happy Spellcasting.

Blessed Be,

The Holistic Yoni x

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