Yoni Egg: How & Why?



A yoni egg is a crystal or stone egg-shaped object that is used to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

  1. Cleanse the yoni egg: Cleanse the yoni egg by washing it thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap. You can also use a natural cleanser such as apple cider vinegar

2. Choose a comfortable position: Choose a comfortable position that allows you to relax and focus on your breath. You can use a yoni egg while standing, sitting, or lying down.

3. Insert the yoni egg: Gently insert the yoni egg into your vagina with the larger end first. You can use a lubricant to make insertion easier. Make sure the yoni egg is comfortable and secure, but not too tight.

4. Practice kegel exercises: Once the yoni egg is inserted, practice kegel exercises by squeezing and releasing the pelvic floor muscles around the yoni egg. Start with a few minutes of kegel exercises and gradually increase the time as you feel more comfortable.

5. Remove the yoni egg: To remove the yoni egg, bear down with your pelvic floor muscles, or use your fingers to pull it out gently.

It's essential to listen to your body and go at your own pace when using a yoni egg. Start with a smaller size and gradually work your way up to larger sizes. You can also use yoni eggs for meditation or as part of your spiritual practice.

Note: Yoni eggs are not recommended for use during pregnancy or for women with an IUD. Always consult with a healthcare professional before using a yoni egg if you have any concerns.

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